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Pray for Me

I really rather not make a rant post. In a pissy mood for most of today.
Even my new fav music can't calm me down. *sigh + deep breath*

Looking forward to 22 December, when the bid/lottery starts.

2 things that I pray everyday now:

1) To pass all the 3 papers

2) To win the bid/lottery for the 16Feb concert

Still contemplating if I should fork out almost $500 for Bold 9700.
I need a phone, that's for sure.
I've been waiting for this phone to be released in SG for ages!
But the price is not right, at least for me.

Hate it when I have to make decisions according to my financial status.  

Of Needs and Wants

To pass my last 3 papers! <- utmost importance!

Mobile Phone
Digital Camera

Clean my room
Get a job


MP3/4 Player

Learn a new language
Learn to play a musical instrumental
Learn dancing

Travel to 2 destinations I've never been before











Eh.. Somehow it feels like a new year resolution at this point. Blah!

Yup, no mention of interaction with guys/men.


I think I have commitment issues.

Tradition Post 3: Day before exam (Last One!)

Gotten last minute notes from Serene this morning for today's paper.
It was a great help!
Saves me loads of time from flipping through the stack of notes.
Thank You Serene!!

Macwyn is being his ever so funny self.
We sat along the corridor waiting to enter the exam room.

Me: I'm sooooo sleepy *yawns*
M: I think I'll get hungry later.
(whips out a kit-kat bar from his bag)
Me: Eh, hungry should buy laksa instead. Sure full!
Me + M: *collapse in laughter*

note: THL was a 3hrs paper

With 1 last paper left for tomorrow, my heart + mind is somewhat in a celebratory mood.
I only need 2 marks to pass TM.
That's like chicken feet!! haha~

Waiting for dinner to be home.
Shall watch some drama while eating..
Need to sleep early tonight, bloodshot eyes are showing.

Tradition Post 2: Day before exam (2 More to Go)

2 more papers to go and I am officially a free bird!

Wed 16 Dec - THL
Thur 17 Dec - TM

Out of the 3 papers for this trimester, I almost didn't have to study for 2.
What else have I been busy with other than not really studying?

Planning for THE trip!!

2 more months to go, before I embark on THE trip! Feeling all kinds of excitement in me.
You have to understand that the last I step out of Singapore was in March 2008.
How many bloody months ago was that, you tell me!!

Also because this trip has an agenda/motive/mission.
Nope, not gonna say anything until it's all confirm.

Close friends might have guessed it, nonetheless. ^^


Gonna nap and wake up for more reading of the bloody WA legislation. @$^*!#%&
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